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I have been forced to write assignment in my college . I feel very embarrased to write these assignments which is of no use to me ..hope this is only for the first semester and not more than that .

Well we are planning to go for the movie dhaam dhoom sathyam today at 12.15 . The songs are great in the film but some of my friends who have already watched the movie says its not worth to watch the movie .But still every ones taste differs .Let me see it today and say the comments about it ..

Well we have planned to shift our home from flat to an individual home . Very much happy to go to an individual home .I love pets since i was in flats so far i was not able to have a pet.But now their is no one to ask me i am going to buy a breed dog ..

Hardly 1 week remaining for the exams which i was not waiting for. This is so strange. When exams are near , i feel like i’m in hell and when i prepare i feel the pressure. When the day of exam comes i die mentally. After the exams are over i cry in my mind. I’m sick of this Anna university correction. If i do well i get 36(discreet maths), if i think i’ll fail i’ll get 68(c#). So what can i do if i write exams moderately.

If i tell my friends i didn’t do my exams well, they start kidding and nag me, as if i get 80% all the time like some of the girls in my class. Even i do not study the full syllabus and when i tell to my friends they don’t believe as if they pretend they studied less than me. To their escape they start blaming others. I mean every enggineering student does this.

After my exams are over i feel bad that missing a Hari who feels the pressure at the neck. I’m thinking whether to enjoy studying or just do for name sake for which im doing all these years. I haven’t bought my book yet and i feel lazy to go out since i got internet connection. I’m just post ponding things which now i feel not correct. As i dn’t have any time in between exams, i think i’ll start atleast by next Monday. Reading too much of syllabus is good for nothing and i decided to study selectively as i do usually.

I don’t fear of failing because i have the confidence which tells me you can do it even if it is last 2 days. I hope even all of you fell the same. Hope we all get good marks in this last semester of our UG life. Good luck for all who read this, wish me the same.

What the hell? and why my page rank went 0? That too in a night it went 0 from 3. I thought my PR would rise in next update but rather it went 0. Some flaw in google. My PR can’t go worse than this.
I hope i’ll get back my PR in next update.


Hi guys, This is to inform you that i’m going to blog this page also, just because i have bought this blog. I would be glad if you add this link also to your page, but really it would be annoying for you all to have 2 links to my blog and even in future i’m planning to creat one more sports blog and a copy blog.
Just my interest have been increased in blogging. I think i will be more seriously blogging after exams because i already started posting during exams night itself. I will try very hard to make this blog readable to all and never make you disinterested in reading here.

I read a bad news this morning – One of the biggest investment bank, Bear Stearns & Co., Inc. was having an insolvency problem. They announced that they’ll be needing an emergency funding from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York last March 14. Because of this, their depositors panicked and withdrew around $17 Billion in funds in just two days causing the market value of the company to lose as much as 80% of its original value. One of their major creditors, JP Morgan Chase had agreed a merger to acquire Bear Stearns via stock-swap for a value around $240 Million. This caused the PSE index to plunged down to around 3.88% to its lowest level this year to 2,793, losing as much as 112 points – its lowest level since December 7, 2006 (15-month low).

In view of this drop, I saw it as an opportunity to invest so even though all my UITF investments were down, I added an additional Php 12K to my BPI Equity Fund. I plan to withdraw all my investments by the end of this year hoping that at least the US economy has recovered from a possible recession.

As of this writing, I invested 15.48% of my savings. Unfortunately, it’s losing 8.57% of its original value.
Out of that 15.48%:

62.95% was invested in UITF BPI Equity Fund (929 units)
28.81% was invested in UITF Metro Equity Fund (30,493.65 units)
8.23% was invested in Mutual Fund (NAVPS) Sunlife Philippine Equity Fund (7,424 shares)
All were in equities – Stock Market!

My Metro Equity Fund investment is currently suffering its biggest loss of 26.12% from its original value. I availed this investment last July 2007 but I retained it until now hoping to gain more. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

My BPI Equity Fund is also undergoing a decline of 8.14%. I bought some units in January, February and a few more additonal units just a while ago.

My Sun Life Equity Fund is still gaining. I invested a minimum amount last January of 2006 in a bond fund and decided to transfer it to Equity Fund. Until now, it’s still on a profit with an appreciation of around 25.98%. I already received dividends to this investment twice. They were giving out 2% dividend per annum in the form of additional shares.

As of April 1, 2008, the following details were accounted for: Please click on the investment.doc file. Open it on a new window.


The rest were in a savings account: 61.81% of which were in a Special Savings Account that earns a maximum of 2.125% per annum.

On my way towards my first goal

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