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Very poor

Posted on: May 17, 2008

65 Allout in a 20-20 game. Wow this is real great record which no team can break. I have nothing else to tell about the performance of Kolkata last night. I don’t call them as a 20-20 team. No comments.


I am not a big fan of Tycoon games, one of my friend gave me this game disc. The newer version of the zoo tycoon claims that it has a lot of great features compared to its older version. Like themed buildings, photo mode option , easy terrain modification, 30 species of animals and many more. The campaign mode is nice but in course of time the game becomes more monotonous and you lose the interest of finishing the game.

The camera is not that good too,just goes side to side and zooms in and out which is very appalling.The few good things about the game is that you would get to know about many interesting facts about different animals, the background music is not that bad and you have control over absolutely every thing in the game and the graphics is really cool.

For installing Dota you will have to install the complete game, i.e., Reign of chaos + Frozen Throne.
Install the Reign of Chaos 1st from the disc 1. (gany’s disc doesnt have a cd key for this, so use this key “F3ECV5-5786-2VE0BI-8A89-8D27A1″
The second is to install Frozen Throne, install this from the second disc. The key for this is “728Y2W-B292-X7PCXZ-PPDX-PKCN72″
Now that you have installed FT, you have to patch it. Don’t use the patch in the that disc, Get the commonly used patch in India to play in Garena
War3TFT_120e_English.exe (48 mb file)
Once you have downloaded the patch, run it by just double clicking it, it should patch by itself.
Now you should Crack the game. Copy the contents of the crack folder and paste it in the game folder(the place where you install the game) and replace the game files(choose “yes to all”)
Finally the Dota map should be installed. Download the DOTA map here.
Now open map folder contained in the game folder. Check whether there is a folder named “Downloads” in it, if not create one. Open the “Downloads” folder and paste the Dota map inside it.
There you go! You have successfully installed Warcraft III completely + Dota.

Note: Now there will be 2 icons in your desktop, one is the Reign of chaos icon and another one is the Frozen Throne icon. If you are a newbie to Warcraft, start playing campaign in the Reign of chaos so that you will learn the controls.

If you want to play Dota. Run Frozen throne and join the LAN game, Dota is meant for playing Online, but if you want to play the game with Bots and practice you need a Dota AI map. Copy paste the map inside the Downloads folder in the map folder.

Dota with Bots:Now Run Frozen Throne and choose single player >> custom game >> browse and choose the Dota AI map>>add Bots>> start the game.

Warning:Make sure that you have Patched the game before craking it. pasting the crack before patching won’t work.

After many hours of testing with collegemates and reading support forums I’ve finally managed to host Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CS: CZ) games and get clients to connect to me successfully with Hamachi.

I’m posting a guide to hosting a game and joining a game for people who still have trouble getting this to work.

To join a CS CZ game:
1. Download and install Hamachi. Choose the Free version while installing and not the Premium version. Rather obvious, right?

2. Run Hamachi and click the Create or join networks button and choose Join existing network.

3. To join our network get the username and password from someone and enter it and it will connect to our network.

4. Turn off your firewall (or disable it). Remember to turn it back on after you finish playing.
5. Run CS: CZ

6. Go to Options and change your name.

7. Press the ~ key on the keyboard. It is to the left of the 1 key on the top row of the keyboard.

8. Type connect to connect if I am hosting the game. If someone else is hosting the game look at their Hamachi IP address and use that instead of mine.

9. The game will connect and you can start playing.

If you get a Class C error, the host has not set up Hamachi aliases correctly. Ask the host to read the section below. If you cannot connect to the game for any other reason it’s a problem with your firewall (have you turned it off?).

To host a CS: CZ game:
1. Turn off or disable your firewall. If you are using Windows firewall, remember to turn it off from the Control Panel.

If turning off firewall doesn’t work, try setting exceptions for ‘Half Life Launcher’ from within the firewall program.

2. Run Hamachi. Click the last button and choose Preferences. Then click Window and check the Show “Advanced…” peer menu item checkbox and click OK.

3. Now for every new player who joins your networks you have to do the following steps:
A. Right click the player’s entry in Hamachi
B. Click Advanced…
C. In the Peer VPN alias box enter the first three parts of your Hamachi IP address (example: 5.46.80) and add the last part of the player’s IP address (example: .191) so that it makes a new IP address.
D. Click OK. (UPDATE: No need to restart Hamachi. Tested.)

4. Launch the game. Click Create New Multiplayer Game option and start the game. Other players can connect to you as long as you have set an alias for each of them.

You have to set an alias and restart Hamachi every time for every new player who joins the network for the first time. Power on and off is sometimes not enough.

If you have any problems leave a comment and I’ll find you a solution.

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