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The Good :

* Easy to install
* 99% of my laptops drivers worked out the box
* Software is 100% easy to install/uninstall
* Lots of alternative software available.
* Compiz desktop effects
* No viruses and no software firewall needed (use hardware firewall at work and home)
* Does everything I need it to do
* It just works

The Bad :

* Not a lot of mainstream games are available for Linux (not that am a gamer)
* Still a small percentage of tasks, rely on using the command line
* Hardware support – this is getting better and the only thing for me was my HP built in webcam (though drivers are out there, but Ubuntu doesn’t include these)
* Compiz – This still is very heavy in resources and when this is enabled games like SecondLife etc dont run smooth or crash. A basic compiz should be built in to Gnome that doesn’t rely on super graphical resources. Even simple stuff like shadow effects etc.
* If you like to be on the bleeding edge with software, Ubuntu only updates the main software every 6 months (security updates etc are released on a regular basis)

Download Ubuntu here , Direct link download.
ubuntu-7.10-desktop-..> 696M

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