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I have just completed my documentation work after a agony. I haven’t shown my copy to my HOD, as she finds lot of mistakes in other guys documentation. We are distressed every time it happens. After finishing all our documentation we are supposed to write an acknowledgement page. I was having a sample copy of how an acknowledgment has to be written. I found “We express our grateful thanks to Prof. Tamilselvan, Principal for his constant inspiration and encouragement throughout the project” It was absurd; it is inconsequent at this point. I was going on thinking what kind of inspiration he was to me? Incomprehensible sentence has been used there. I don’t know how to show my hesitation in writting his name in my project report. He hasn’t been a part in my academics. He is the one who changed the meaning of principal. “Principal is not for encouraging students but for only punishing students” Have he at least spoke once to the students personally regarding the problems which we face in college? We have complained a lot about college mess even we showed sample food to them. What step he took? Why should we add his name in our project report? All we ask is not encouragement but at least freedom to be our own, Freedom to write acknowledgement on our own. Someone at some point must try to stop this. I’m just adding up “thanks for my principal who gave me possibilities to finish my project”. Don’t ask me what possibilities he made, which still I’m thinking. Imposing rules doesn’t change us. Nothing is illegal until we get caught and don’t try to catch us if we do something illegal. I wish the acknowledgement to be like what Karthik posted recently in his blog. Read here. It isn’t funny but true.

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