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Possibly the most anticipated winter film of 2008, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a curious film indeed. It’s got an intriguing and completely absorbing story, as well as my favorite director, David Fincher, on the top of his game. With “Button”, Fincher cements his place as one of the best directors alive, as his film is nothing short of magical, mesmerizing, riveting, ground breaking, and ultimately, timeless.


The plot of the movie is actually a very basic one. Journalist John Grogan gets his wife a puppy to take his wife’s mind off kids, and their lives are never the same for it. We watch Marley grow into a ninety pound, underwear stealing, jewelry eating, drywall chewing wrecking ball, but we also see his unconditional love for his family, through the good times and the bad. And in we end, we see the inevitable end of Marley’s long life and his family’s loss at having to let him go.

Marley & Me[2008]DvDrip-aXXo

The story centers around Skeeter(Adam Sandler), an down on his luck hotel repair man, is asked to babysit his sisters(Courtney Cox) kids at night, while her friend(Keri Russell) watches them during the day, while she goes away for a week at a few job interviews. One night before putting them to bed, he decides to tell them a made up depressing story, semi based on his own life, but the kids change it, and make it more happy. Then the next day, the events described in the made up fantasy, begin to start happening in real life. Is it just a strange case of Deja Vu, or is there something magical in the works?

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