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Hardly 1 week remaining for the exams which i was not waiting for. This is so strange. When exams are near , i feel like i’m in hell and when i prepare i feel the pressure. When the day of exam comes i die mentally. After the exams are over i cry in my mind. I’m sick of this Anna university correction. If i do well i get 36(discreet maths), if i think i’ll fail i’ll get 68(c#). So what can i do if i write exams moderately.

If i tell my friends i didn’t do my exams well, they start kidding and nag me, as if i get 80% all the time like some of the girls in my class. Even i do not study the full syllabus and when i tell to my friends they don’t believe as if they pretend they studied less than me. To their escape they start blaming others. I mean every enggineering student does this.

After my exams are over i feel bad that missing a Hari who feels the pressure at the neck. I’m thinking whether to enjoy studying or just do for name sake for which im doing all these years. I haven’t bought my book yet and i feel lazy to go out since i got internet connection. I’m just post ponding things which now i feel not correct. As i dn’t have any time in between exams, i think i’ll start atleast by next Monday. Reading too much of syllabus is good for nothing and i decided to study selectively as i do usually.

I don’t fear of failing because i have the confidence which tells me you can do it even if it is last 2 days. I hope even all of you fell the same. Hope we all get good marks in this last semester of our UG life. Good luck for all who read this, wish me the same.

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