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Marshall was to tend horses or to arrange things in preparation for a feast. In heraldry, marshalling is the arrangement of several coats of arms to form a single composition. In the military, marshalling is the gathering and ordering of military forces in preparation for battle.

In computer programming, marshalling is the process of gathering data from one or more applications or non-contiguous sources in computer storage, putting the data pieces into a message buffer, and organizing or converting the data into a format that is prescribed for a particular receiver or programming interface.

Marshalling is usually required when passing the output parameters of a program written in one language as input to a program written in another language.

The credit crisis in US has brought the two CEOs down! The CEOs of Merrill Lynch and Citigroup recently just stepped down from their thrones due to the billion dollars write offs of loans that will surely affect the profits of these companies. As of the recent data, there were around $55 Billion worth of subprime loans already written off and analysts say that there will be more to come.

Still, the phisix is in its “highs” since the latest data as of this writing, it closed to around 3,600+. I am waiting further for it to go down so that by the time it reached a certain level, I think, around 3,400, I will invest again in a Unit Investment Trust Fund.

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