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My investments were hit by the subprime mortgage crisis in US. Damn! This was the first time I experienced a loss in my investments. I pulled out my investments when it was losing. The stock market index went down to a low of 2,884 from an all time high of 3,800+ last July. All the yields  in the stock market since the start of the year were all wiped out! It was so depressing when you see you’re losing as much as 27K “in paper”. Good thing I did not pulled out my investments yet during that time. I waited and waited for the stock market to bring back all its yields but unfortunately, I cannot wait and I pulled out some of them at a loss. I should have listened to my colleague who advised me not to pull out first because it will definitely go up as the year ends. I read an article that the month of August is the “ghost month” according to the history of the stock market. This means that of all the months of the year, this month, according to history, had a lowest of all yields. Sometimes, it registers even a negative return.

I pulled out 4 out of 5 of my investments; 2 of which at a loss. The stock market registered an all-time high again lately but unfortunately, I already pulled out most of my investments and what was left was just a minimum. The worst thing was, I pulled out before its maturity period so those that registered gains, 50% of the income were wiped out as penalties.

Anyhow, that’s how the stock market works. You gain some, you lose some. So it would be best if you will monitor it.


Posted on: October 9, 2007

The latest service introduced by Finarea SA. Like VoipBuster it’s offered for access through a softphone, but can also be used with a standard SIP client, including Asterisk (this mode is undeclared and not officially supported). The domain name of the SIP proxy/registrar is , and resolves to the same set of IP addresses as The server is not Asterisk-based, only supports G.711 and G.726 codecs (GSM announced as available soon), and does not speak IAX. Only dtmfmode=inband is supported.

The domain name, used by the softphone client for Windows, resolves to a set of IP addresses larger than, and some of the hosts in that set only seem to support the undocumented protocol used by the softphone client, not the SIP protocol.

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