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Are you tired of waiting so long for your torrent files to get downloaded. Even if you have a good,stable internet connection the speed at which the files are downloaded are simply annoying. You could always improve it by following the following

1. Set proper upload and download speed
You will 1st have to find out your maximum upload and download speed. You could check it over here

Make a note of your upload and download speed
Note: If the test results shows the speeds in kB/s,you could take the value directly but if the speed is shown as kb/s,you will have to convert it to kB/s by dividing the value by 8.

Set the upload speed to 80% of your maximum upload speed you have found out &
Set the download speed to 95% of the max speed.

2.check seeds and peer
Check whether there is a good seed per peer ratio.

3.Port Forwarding
The Default IP will limit the connections offered to the port through the Bit torrent is connecting. Creating a static IP for this would do. You can learn about this here

4. Last but not least, Please turn off your windows firewall. Windows firewall doesn’t like P2P and its not going to be of any help turned ON in your computer. So try to get a good firewall like zone alarm.

I will stop it right there. There are a few other things to improve the speed too. But, think this will do.
Thats it ! Enjoy!!

Today i was there in my college to get my document corrected before getting it printed. We had some minor errors in the document and decided to edit. So Gany, Sarin , Me were editing the document and Hari was sitting right next to me and was making fun(trying to) of the people around. Once we were done with it, copied it to my pen-drive, suddenly all the word documents which were copied to the drive became screen savers and some disappeared, i swear i didnt had any virus in my pen-drive until i plugged in to the comp. So all the hard work went begging so we decided to do it from the beginning, holy shit!!!

So once again we were done with it and now copied it to Gany’s handy drive and took it to the HOD to show it, but just as we tried to open the drive , E Trust deleted all our documents which were infected, and so we asked the HOD to come to the lab itself and take a look at the document. And when i came back to my home and scanned it with E Trust it detected 48 viruses. Damn! thats too many, i think even Arun will not be having that much viruses in his pendrive

For installing Dota you will have to install the complete game, i.e., Reign of chaos + Frozen Throne.
Install the Reign of Chaos 1st from the disc 1. (gany’s disc doesnt have a cd key for this, so use this key “F3ECV5-5786-2VE0BI-8A89-8D27A1″
The second is to install Frozen Throne, install this from the second disc. The key for this is “728Y2W-B292-X7PCXZ-PPDX-PKCN72″
Now that you have installed FT, you have to patch it. Don’t use the patch in the that disc, Get the commonly used patch in India to play in Garena
War3TFT_120e_English.exe (48 mb file)
Once you have downloaded the patch, run it by just double clicking it, it should patch by itself.
Now you should Crack the game. Copy the contents of the crack folder and paste it in the game folder(the place where you install the game) and replace the game files(choose “yes to all”)
Finally the Dota map should be installed. Download the DOTA map here.
Now open map folder contained in the game folder. Check whether there is a folder named “Downloads” in it, if not create one. Open the “Downloads” folder and paste the Dota map inside it.
There you go! You have successfully installed Warcraft III completely + Dota.

Note: Now there will be 2 icons in your desktop, one is the Reign of chaos icon and another one is the Frozen Throne icon. If you are a newbie to Warcraft, start playing campaign in the Reign of chaos so that you will learn the controls.

If you want to play Dota. Run Frozen throne and join the LAN game, Dota is meant for playing Online, but if you want to play the game with Bots and practice you need a Dota AI map. Copy paste the map inside the Downloads folder in the map folder.

Dota with Bots:Now Run Frozen Throne and choose single player >> custom game >> browse and choose the Dota AI map>>add Bots>> start the game.

Warning:Make sure that you have Patched the game before craking it. pasting the crack before patching won’t work.

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