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Well in this post i would like to share what i think about love. Most of the time ppl fall in love while in school or in college. Love in school i call it as an infactuation. May be 10/100 be matured n true. I dont know wat makes ppl fall in love. I feel, first he/she must have guts. Which i think i dont have. But i do admire ppl who love. I will say few reason why ppl dont love.

1. Fear

2. Worried about society (family n friends) – Obvious ppl who don like us easily pass bad comments if we are in love, Which really hurt.

3. Thinking He/She will not accept the proposal.

4. Thinking about family background. ( In some of their home there might be no restriction, but some parents might strongly oppose. We ppl dont know the future reaction of parents n think that they’ll not allow n keep quite. In some case, relations might create problems- its bcos they dont have nothing else to talk about).

5. Fear of losing dignity( Some ppl think if we go n propose he/she might reject n others will make fun of it badly n thus losing fame which we had).

Well, talking in positive view. I think we wil have a good reliable compony, share our feel freely.Enjoy life. (i don have experience, so cant comment much in this). This is for the ppl who think not to love,Don waste life n oppurtunities. Only one life, don care about anyone, just go for it.

Do u think arranged marriage is a better choice? NO. simply u see list of photos n select one. then it goes to other side, he/she has to accept/like u. Otherwise you select next. Astrology matching is another factor. Dont know who started this silly thing. I know Marc hate this procedure of arranged marrriage. Thinking in this view its better to have love marriage.

Now the negative side, I have seen many ppl has broken up their love , in college if the watchman see them talking , he gets involved and the pair gets suspended for a month. Have to bare lot of pains and waste time some times pair gets parted cos of family.

If they are strong in thier love then , have to run n marriage(ive seen in many movies). Fight with parents etc,etc.

So confusing. i know Bharath , Naresh , and some of my friends are confused like me.

what you ppl think?? is it correct or not??

Despite having been around for several years now, Counter-Strike continues to dominate the world of multiplayer first person shooters. Me and my friends become fond of this game cuz of Marc. He was the one who gave us the disk of CS and me, Gowtham, Vinod iniatially started playing. Soon it became famous in our class and most of te ppl got the disk and started playing. Everyone started as a noob and now all play well for some level. Here are my comments about few players with whome i play.

Anto- He is a bullpup pro. next Comes krieg commando. I have played twice with him where he demolished me once and i demolished him once. started to play late yet managing to be a tough competitor to all. He ranks 11 in stats

Vinod-Yet again a bullpup, krieg commando pro. who has a good stats in bullpup. The man who doesnt know to use AK properly. I found this when i played with him in aim map, where we can use only Ak-M4. He is a good teammate where i get lot of support while playing. His stats

Lakshmi – A free kill for me and Marc. If u see the stats you wil know. Always joins CT and thinks that he hides himself n wait for others to come n finally he gets kill. Ramprasad is his top victim. My kill death ratio with him is 0.05 (lol). He has statred just now n trying to improve and he will.

Ramprasad- A gr8 chap. Commonly known as terror or CS. Does teamkill well . Yet again a free kill for the pros. He doesn’t take his hands from firing. Just keep on run firing and dont care who ever comes in front of him. All we have to do is let him a way. uses M4, Ak most often. Wen told pistol round this guy used to take very big pistol(Rifles) and tries to score. His kill death ratio with me is 0.17. Emerging guy. Stats.

Marc- The pro, kills evrybody, enjoys making fun while playing, trying to kill with knife and he does it. M4, Commando n a pistol pro. He does play wit all the guns available in CS including shot gun. He is a strong competitor who is tough to defeat. so far still i have managed to have a K:D 1. No other player has a K:D like this. May be cuz me n marc dont play often or play as an opponent. His stats.

Bharath- The clarion pro. If anyone finds im having clarion in his hands, the msg will be ‘run’. he is such a good player with clarion but sucks with Ak. He is also another chap who uses al the weapons in CS. So far i have escaped from his pro game and he is getting mokkai sometimes from me, yet he kills me with nice shots. His K:D with me is 0.77. real tough guy for all. His stats.

Ganesh – Started late and he is taking his time to establish himself as a pro. But im sure he’l become tough for all. He is a team killer , specially wen i team up with him, he damages me atleast thrice & kills atleast twice. Plays well with Ak, M4 and lags with all other guns. His K:D with me is 0.64. Now for past 2 days he plays well. His stats.

Gowtham- He does play CS b4 marc gave us. he is fond of WoW. Uses M4, Ak well. he ranks 4 accordind to stats. Who is a tough guy for all from d beggining. His stats.

Arun – haven’t played much in online but only once, that too today. I smashed him like n 1st kill for him is off knife. lol. Two times i killed him with knifes. He Tried a lot to kill me but got mokka and went off. Soon he wil become a good player cuz now only he has started.

Gokul- Yet another developing player. who tries hard to kill the opponent, I have to mention i knife killed him 4 times on a row. ROFL. Which he will never forget. But plays well.

Praveen- Known as DeathEater also, lags very well yet he kills with bullpup n commando. Real pro

Besides all there is a player named varsha. who stunned everyone with her performance, not only in
playing but also in acting. Its none other than Gowtham who fooled evrybody n not me cos i was not playing ay that time.

This Cs brings up lot of competition between us, No wonder who ever gets at the top. If u guys has to say about the players and fun happened in CS, post here.

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