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Attention. My orkut and google account was hacked by somebody and somehow i managed to get my account back. This is what happened. I was online as usual. My friend was online in Gtalk and started messaging me and i too was chatting with him. He told that he has crested a new webpage for him and asked me to check it “www.orkut.*fin*te*.net”(censored, cos few ppl may try checking it now and get into trouble). I followed that link which redirected to Orkut login page. He asked me to login first and view the site then and i did the same but I couldn’t view the site which he said and i could view only my home page. Suddenly my Gtalk got disconnected saying password doesn’t match. Wtf does it mean? While I’m working in my gmail and automatically it get disconnected and saying password doesn’t match. Yes, my password has been changed by somebody. When I tried to recover my password and I send recovery mail to secondary email, I couldn’t receive recovery page in my secondary mail also. It’s Strange. I thought my friend would’ve been playing and I called him(the one who I was chatting with). Shocking, he said he is not online and I told him the situation and he replied that he too have the same problem. Who the hell I was chatting with then? Why he want to do it to us? Fortunately I tried logging in again and I got logged in. Soon I wanted to change my password before hacker hacks it again and I changed my password. I was about to change the security question also and I noticed my secondary mail was changed to ‘’. I was beaten and didn’t know what to do. When I tried to change my secondary mail, it told account information has not been changed. It means I can’t recover password anymore if I lost and the hacker can easily change my password when ever he wants. Thank god, I could change my secondary mail too then but I’m not sure whether the password recovery page would come to that. I could still see the guy who using my friends account to hack and was asking him why you are doing so, He/She/It replied ‘time pass‘. Wtf? When I entered Orkut, my caption was changed to “end of orkut soon” and unparliamentarily words were posted in some community in which I was a member and I was made joined in some other unwanted communities. By the time some of my friend started asking me ‘what made you to end orkut’ and I explained the situation to all. Now I think the situation is under control since I have recovered my password and changed the secondary mail too. But still I’m upset why this happened to me. I advice you all not to run any java scripts or unknown links and get into trouble like me. Who ever sends you be carefully before you access your mail which can be misused badly anytime, anywhere by anyone once when hacked. I thought of deleting orkut after this happened but I couldn’t do and that’s not because of hacker and but I would miss my friends contact.
I would also like to tell everyone that the scraps which comes to your scrapbook, which consists of ‘orkut tricks’, ’increase scrap, fans’, ’unlock albums’ ,etc. Just delete it and don’t have any intention in trying it. Hope my experience would be usefull to all and don’t happen to anybody. Beware of orkut , hackers , javascripts‘

Everybody use pendrive and obviously face problem. I have faced so many virus using my pendrive. Source is my unsecured college lab and others who use internet at home and download virus unknowingly and spread all over through their pen drive. Commonly known USB virus are ‘Autorun.inf’ which makes files try launch itself. “Newfolder.exe” which is most cunning of all, it doesn’t get delete neither get detected by any antivirus software in including AVG, Avast, NOD32, Biddefender, PC cilin. But EZ or Etrust Or CA antivirus delete it clean. I guess how it identifies that virus in my comp. I scanned my pendrive in my college system which has Etrust but it didn’t identify. See to that your antivirus is upto date, else it is of no use. Well there is another tool to delete these two buggers. Download this tool SmartAV and run it to find USB virus and ‘autorun.inf’. this tool has been designed specially for USB virus. Even you have firewall for USB and it tells you if any unauthorized access happens. You can search for such a tool in google. But i feel SmartAV works properly. I prefer SmartAV only as a second option because First option is ETrust antivirus. Disable autorun once for all.

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