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Actually this post was suppose to be written by Gany. This is typical Gany’s post. He is not posting it just because we all told him not to make his post as a daily schedule or a diary. So I’m posting his feelings here. Hey Gany this isn’t a sponsored post and i ain’t going to get paid from you. Today he had to get corrected his document by our HOD, he asked Gautham and so called project mate Sarin to come to college. Sarin is punctual and he came but the first shock for Gany is gautham din’t turn up to college. When Gany phoned gautham( Time say, 9.00 am), He told he slept so he didn’t come to college and Gany got upset. After some time say 11.00 am gautham came to college and all 3 started to edit their document. It was really confusing for them because everyone told different format for aligning his document and he was frustrated to hear it. When he finished the whole document work, with the help of me, he copied the file and went to show to mam, Yippee.. oops sorry, Aiyo cha his file got corrupted by .scr virus and he had to do the document editing again from the first(this happened at 12.30 pm). he got tensed 50% now. After re-editing the document, the brilliant guy didn’t know where he saved the file and he logged off and was searching the file for 15 minutes in all login. (now 60% tension) For this he disturbed the lab administrator who was sleeping. he really got upset and was in bad mood. This happened between (12.45-1.45), between i went to have lunch. So sadly he didn’t have his lunch today. at last he got his document and showed it too mam, she was niggling his document , again he become more tensed this time it went up to 70%. At last he finished the work and was bugging us to start from college as we were not ready to. What Gautham was doing in between, useless fellow, he was just sitting and laughing to the comments which i passed. What about Sarin!! Oh i forgot, he was on the scene to but silent member(Whatever you do, do. I’m just an audience). So he went to play CS in one of system, Bad time continues, it was lagging a lot unusually. The time is now 4. Arul came into the scene, we were teasing each other and Gany teased Arul and Arul took his hands to beat Gany(for comedy), Gany moved his head rapidly and his glass went down on tiles and broken. It was two days before he went to doctor and got that glass. (Time 4.15 now). 95% tension now the peak. At last he took college bus by 4.30 and reached home by 5.10 and drank boost. IS BOOST IS A SECRET OF GANY? What guys??

A tree almost 10,000 years old has been identified in Sweden.

The spruce tree found near Dalarna is 9,950 years old! This is staggering… It means that this tree has been around since humans first began serious attempts to develop agriculture!

According to the researchers who are studying the tree and its nearby descendents, it is the tree’s remarkable adaptations – including the ability to grow out another trunk if the main one is damaged – that have allowed it to survive significant climatic changes and other environmental pressures.

This is not a forward mail and i read it here.

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