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This time i feel like I’m more sluggish to study. All because of my computer and stupid subjects which are of no use in my later life. Now i feel that its better to have PQT or discreet maths , atleast where we get some interest and liveliness while studying. I’m going insane reading this ridiculous theory papers. Always this Anna university had made me to feel and talk like a mad. While thinking about to study , I cant able to continue with it and i stop thinking and now i prefer to blog. At least for some time i can be relaxed.

Having no time to study and I’m blogging. I have deteriorate. I decide to read by 7 and i don’t keep it in my mind and i forget. When the time crosses 7 , I’ll be waiting for 8 to come to start and again i forget and this continues till i sleep. I’m praying to just pass my last hurdle. I’m just thinking whether I’m like this or all. Because i never see people online or blogging like normal days.

Uh.. Why i’m posting this? I want all my friends to get benefited by getting advice from some great personality. It isn’t a small thing to get advice from legends and we CSE students has that honor to be one.

Hope you all would have found whom i’m talking about. Click to know .Have you ever thought about getting a call at 2.00 am midnight and getting advice from a legend. I got that honor. 45 minutes of free advice, no need to pay(incoming call).

Well advice about what? Its all about human ethics. I was wrong in one of my view about friends, and he was trying to correct me. At a point i did not agree with him, And heard these words from him ” listen Hari, there is a difference between inclusion, intrusion and friendship” I was shocked, i didn’t know what was happening at 2.30 am.

Why this happened? He is more concerned about friends. He never wants to get anybody hurt. He involves in whatever thing even which he is not supposed to. All for friends. He never listen to your points and also never come to the point which he is suppose to talk. He is a punisher. Punishes for the mistake you did, atleast by his speech.

Many personal incidents has happened between he and me, I mean fights which all knows, Whatever may be, we will remain as close friends forever. I tell this cuz to truly show even if we have misunderstandings we will keep it apart.


1)When you commit any mistake , see to that you hide it from him. Else you can’t commit mistakes anymore.

2) Value friends and don’t degrade your friends in public.

3)Don’t ever attend a call at 2.00 pm, otherwise after the call you will fell like having a bad dream.

P.S: All the above are not to hurt anybody and to degrade or a comedy and written truly from my mind and dedicated only to IV CSE students.

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It all started with a gift – a Nokia 5110 which was a gift to me by my uncle during my high school graduation. Since then, I became fascinated with mobile phones until it became my passion and eventually a business – buy and sell.

I started with a minimal capital of about PHP 10,000, an amount I was able to save from the extra allowance that my uncle used to give me during my first two years of stay in college.

The high costs of mobile phones and my passion to try the latest phones every now and then led me to do the buy and sell business. I started looking for resources and the most accessible was the internet.

Through these sites, I started to build profit. During that time also, Symbian phones (these are phones that enable users to install wallpapers, applications, games, polytones, etc.) were already out in the market. I thought of having a CD compilation of all of these stuffs and sell it.

During my free time, I could be seen in the internet room downloading these stuffs from the internet until I was able to compile it in one CD. I tried selling it using the same internet resources and boom! – it was a big hit! The first buyer bought the CD for PHP 1,500.

I didn’t notice that I started to neglect my studies until I received a letter from the administration stating that my grades were nearly falling below the required QPI (Quality Point Index) – a ground for probation. Then I started to realize that I have to prioritize my studies over the business. I lie lowed down my business and prioritized my studies more – until I graduated. Good thing I never failed even a single subject in my entire stay in college just because of the business.

After around 3 years in the business, I was able to multiply my initial capital to a gross profit of PHP 50,000. That was a modest profit considering that I have to do the business and study at the same time. And my course, Mathematics was one of the hardest courses in Ateneo.

Until now, I’m still doing the business but not that active anymore since I already have a job and the market is already too saturated since there are lots of competitors. But at least it adds a cashflow to my savings once in a while.

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